Video Editor

Passionate editor with 8 years experience creating award-winning videos. Each project is an opportunity to expand my knowledge and use in future work. When there’s an empty timeline, I’m full of ideas.

Sound Designer

The 70% that’s often forgotten about in production. I make it a priority to capture, mix and master high-quality audio, because “fix it in post” is no excuse. Great visuals can’t hide poor audio.


Editing has taught me how to capture the perfect moment on camera. I have a keen eye for detail composing shots and I pride myself on multi-tasking during a project. I’m a fast learner, technically minded and eager to work.

If you’d like to collaborate, have any enquiries or interested in hiring me please feel free to get in touch.

About Me

Hello! I’m Aidan Carroll, an editor and filmmaker based in Newry, Northern Ireland.

I graduated with a BA Single Honors in Film & Television Production: 2:1 from Liverpool Hope University.

Since graduating, I have edited videos that have won awards at film festivals and competitions.

I have expanded my skills to help clients anyway I can, either in post-production, sound design or filming.

The site is where I can share past experiences and teach you what I’ve learned over the years, and hopefully help you in your projects.

  • Film buff

    I’m always looking for new ways to get inspired, so I dedicate time to catching up on movies, documentaries and TV shows to gather new ideas. This diversity means there’s always something new to learn and can be used in potential work.

  • Fitness freak

    My body is a temple and I look after it with regular exercise, a healthy diet and a good sleeping pattern. This lifestyle gives me the energy to be productive and relieve me from stress. Then, once I’m back working, I come with a fresh mind and new ideas.

  • Book worm

    I love reading a good book and investing time into the narrative and characters. Not only does it take my mind away from work while my creativity recharges, it inspires me to create great stories.

  • Tech geek

    When I’m not reading, exercising or watching TV I’m catching up on the latest news for filmmaking and technology. The industry is moving forward at a pace were keeping up-to-date is important, otherwise you’ll not be able to tell ProRes 4:2:2 from AVCHD.

If you’re interested in any of the following, why not check out my blog? It’s updated regularly and I enjoy talking with others who share an interest.


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